Increase your reach to potential customers.

Where do you find your influencers?
We cast a wide net to find influencers on Instagram and then categorize and rank them and include only the top performing influencers.
How do you calculate your Skope Score?
Our Skope Score is calculated using engagement metrics including likes and comments. Basically, the more an influencer's audience interacts with the influencer's content, the higher the score.
How do you calculate price per sponsored post?
We combine our Skope Score and audience reach to create a recommended pricing for a sponsored ad. Pricing is based on current market rates for given audience sizes.
How can an influencer help a brand?
Influencers have direct and personal relationships with their audiences. Their audiences trust and value their opinions. When an influencer promotes a product they love, their audiences will take this into account.
How do I get listed as an influencer?
If you'd like to be listed as an influencer, enter you handle here.
How much does it cost?
Silverskope is completely free to use. Consider making a donation to keep this project going.
How often is it updated?
We update lists every month.
If I pay an influencer, does it guarantee my brand will see more sales?
Not necessarily. We provide lists of high value target influencers, but each brand should decide which influencers match their brand's aesthetics and target demographics in order to maximize return on investment.
Do I have to pay influencers the recommended price?
No, the Skope Price is our best guess at how much a particular influencer's post would be worth. But brands can make a wide variety of deals with influencers in exchange for sponsored posts.
I have more questions. Can I contact someone?
You can email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.